BOSREDON SA is a young dynamic company with strong and steady growth. We focus our Strategy on Efficiency, Productivity and Energy Efficiency. Listining to our customers aspirations, we invest all our Energy and Experience at their service to deliver project at their entire satisfaction.

Our vision is a sustainable world, “Think globally and act locally.” It combines a will to build efficient buildings environmentally neutral in energy, while providing its customers with innovative and efficient solutions.

Sustainable construction: Building for the Future

To promote efficient and environmentally friendly housing, we focus on the design aspect. The preferred technical solutions meet the constraints of the territory, of the lifestyle, of the occupant, and well-being while reducing the environmental footprint combined with a development of renewable energies.

An integrated approach

The approach is to involve the entire chain of actors of construction. The approach is to combine high energy performance, use of renewable energies and act locally.


BOSREDON SA supports its customers throughout their project from its conception to its realization.. A support extended to a wide sector of activity:

  • Performing buildings in concrete structure, wood, modular construction, ventilated facade …
  • Performing buildings for rental or PPE .
  • Buildings, individual homes, Master houses , luxury apartments.
  • Design adapted to the specific needs of the owner .
  • Change Management, monitoring customer
  • Design adapted to the specific needs of the administrative sector.
  • Realization of structural concrete work , structural steel , mixed, Front ventilated double skin …
  • User management , monitoring customer interface.
  • Gross handovers for rental or complete interior finishings for the end user.
  • Anticipation of possible future developments.
  • Flexibility / versatility works.
  • Demolition of existing structures, extensions .
  • Change of assignment, refurbishing of the existing .
  • Work in occupied sites and / or work underpinning.
  • Raising of buildings.
  • Design adapted to the specific needs of the medical industry.
  • Production line with regulations of the SSP ( Service public health) .
  • Adapting rooms to disable reglementation.
  • Design adapted to the specific needs of industry .
  • Realization of structural concrete work , structural steel , mixed , double skin cladding …
  • Managing the interface with the operation, management of logistical needs , fluids …
  • Adaptations to concepts / standards users.
  • Anticipating possible future developments.
  • Flexibility / versatility works.
  • Pricing & cost estimations .
  • Setting bid auctions, Tender analysis.
  • Establishment and monitoring schedules.
  • Quality Control, monitoring of the work progress .
  • Organisation of the handover.


Sustainable construction is the creation, restoration , renovation or rehabilitation of a building allowing it to best comply with ecology at each stage of the construction, and later its use (heating, consumption energy rejection of the various streams : water, waste) .

A green building seeks to integrate as respectfully as possible in an environment using the best untransformed, healthy, local resources , and fostering social ties. It aims to consume less energy for heating and hot water.

Its design allows it to consume the least possible energy booster , maximizing solar gain , phase shifts and a good sized ventilation

The overall cost of a project is taken into account over the cost at delivery. This economic approach includes not only traditional investment items such as the cost of design, control , construction, but also the costs of operating expenses of maintenance and deconstruction.

Priority issues to fulfill are the valuation of energies using natural resources to be close to passive buildings type and the use of materials with low embodied energy .

« Think global and act local »

Sustainable construction stands by a philosophy of action that can be put in a nutshell by the sentence ” Think globally and act locally .”

Indeed, the social impact of the construction must take into account the social and economic realities of a place and even cultural realities such as lifestyle, architectural identity and local traditions.


Vision for the future

The building sector is the most energy consuming and produce yearly a quarter of CO.2 emissions . In that regard, it is a huge field of energy savings and reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. Its occupants are many targets to mobilize their willingness to change behavior .

« We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children »

Sustainable development is the way that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Our principles of sustainable construction implemented :

In the design phase , we focus on environmentally friendly materials and low embodied energy cost . The choice of mode of production is oriented towards renewable resources : biomass , geothermal heat pump , solar panels and / or solar photovoltaic panels.

We focus on an efficient thermal envelope level “Minergie” or higher , and optimal orientation of buildings .

The openings are predominant Southward, with eaves and / or blinds to minimize solar gain in summer.

During construction of the project, we will seek to limit the impact of construction on the wider environment through selective sorting of waste and its limitation. We strive to use local businesses to reduce energy costs of transport.

In the operational phase , it is ensured by a maintenance and control of the maintenance performance of the work and its resilience over time.

At the end of its life , the building is deconstructed and the extracted materials are recycled .