Project Description

Project description

Type of project : Construction of an eco neighborhood .
Project owner : Prisma Foundation
Project owner asset manager & Developer : Gefiswiss SA
Architect & client :
Architram Architecture et Urbanisme SA
: Site Management
Typology : 6 buildings of 61 rental accommodation, 34 appartments for buying, 1’400m2 business area, underground car park, outdoor facilities.

Project caracteristics

  • Heat production with anergy process
  • Photovoltaic panels on the entire building rooftops.
  • Automation with eSmart device.
  • Charging socket for electric vehicles
  • Minergie Label
  • Low carbon footprint, around 1kg CO2 / m2 / year (2035 programming law planned at 5kg CO2 / m2 / year)
  • 24 months completion.

Link to to the project website: les portes du lac.